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You can save

Help to keep your money safe so you have something to fall back on while in active service & after retirement.

You can borrow

Provide multiple loans with dynamic repayment plan to meet your urgent and/or long term needs

You can buy

We have shops where you can buy all you need including meat/fish, groceries, petroleum product (PMS and DPK)

You can hire

Hire our  trucks and buses or  use our conference hall.

Financial quote of the day

"Save something while your salary is small; it’ll be harder to save after you begin to earn more."

Financial quote of the day

"It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor."

Social distancing & can't visit the secretariat?

No problem, you can fill out any application form and we’ll attend to them ASAP!

Shopping online is a lot easier

  • Apply for SMS Transaction & Alerts Service

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SMS transaction alerts service


Most frequent questions and answers

First, you must be an employee of University of Benin Teaching Hospital, then you can fill our membership form online or at the Secretariat.

You can start applying for loans after saving/contributing for six months.

Yes it is possible if you activate our SMS transactions service. With this you will be able to generate TOKEN for anybody by texting TOK*{yourPIN}*{AMOUNT}*{RECIPIENTNAME} from your registered phone number. You will receive a  token ID which you can then give to the beneficiary.

End of Year Savings is payable from October to November yearly.

Special savings is payable approximately 10 working days after salaries have been paid; hence you must apply on or before 28th of any given Month.

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